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Check Online Reviews

You can learn so much about a company with a quick google search. Check their BBB rating, check their Yelp score, check their Google reviews.

If they have no online presence BEWARE. It’s pretty easy to get something up about your company.

Some companies get a bad online reputation and simply change their name.

Make sure they have a lasting reputation, ESPECIALLY if you’re giving them a deposit check.

Also see how they respond to bad reviews. Their response to bad reviews can be more telling than any other reviews.

How Will They Prepare Your House?

Any painter that knows what they’re talking about will tell you how important prep-work is.

If you’re painting over peeled paint, guess what? It’s going to peel months later.

Make sure they have a detailed, step-by-step process for prepping your house before.

This should include:

-Pressure washing

-Re-caulking seems

-Scraping/sanding peeled paint

-Priming bare-wood areas

-Repairing any wood-rot beforehand

What Type of Paint are They Using?

I didn’t realize how much paint varies in price! You can get exterior house paint for $15 a gallon, or $80 a gallon!

The quality of paint MATTERS. Find out what type of paint they’re using and do your own research.

Make sure the painter is actually USING the paint they said they would. Some painters sell one brand and use another.

How do They Accept Payment?

It’s normal for a painter to ask you for 10-25% upfront. They have to buy the paint and materials for your project.

If they’re asking for MORE than 25%, beware. There’s no reason that a painter needs 50% or more upfront, materials are not THAT expensive.

Good painters structure their payment so they receive the bulk amount AFTER the work is completed and you’re happy with the work.

What’s Their Warranty?

What if your brand new paint job starts to peel months later? Do they have some warranty in place to come fix it?

This goes back to hiring a reputable company. If they’re unreputable with no client history, chances are they’re not going to come back for touchups or warranty work.

They probably won’t even answer your calls.

A pretty typical warranty is 5-10 years (a good paint job should last 8-12 years depending on the climate).

A warranty should cover ALL EXPENSES. Some painters structure their warranty in a way that still has you paying for shoddy work.


You can prevent a lot of backend problems by asking these questions upfront. Save yourself the headache of hiring a bad painter and follow this checklist.

Always get multiple bids. You’ll notice some painting companies stand out significantly versus others.

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